Customizing Drupal Fulfillment for TASTE

Meeting a project deadline and its deliverables doesn’t always equate to project completion. Oftentimes, our work with our clients continues long after a website or web application launches. This could be for anything from implementing routine security updates to creating a new customized feature that wasn’t included in the project’s initial scope of work. Every client is different, and Zurka is a master at creating tailor-made features required of any client, no matter how unique. Recently, we provided some of this out-of-the-box work for our client TASTE by customizing Drupal’s order fulfillment process to streamline TASTE’s shipping process.

Each day, TASTE is responsible for assembling and printing around 100 shipping labels. This process was becoming quite arduous for TASTE, but one of our savvy developers knew that Drupal could make it more efficient. Our developer customized Drupal’s order fulfillment process to streamline TASTE’s ability to fulfill multiple orders as once. By creating a process to bring over all invoices at once and then move through the order fulfillment process order by order, our developer reduced the amount of time TASTE took to fulfill orders by no longer requiring a user to load each order individually. Printing out all of the invoices is now one easy click for orders that must be processed. Additionally, our developer customized the UPS shipping labels to make them easier to match up to the order numbers and to facilitate easier printing of the labels, further streamlining TASTE’s shipping and label method. Now, TASTE is able to create and print multiple labels daily using this more automated process, ultimately allowing more time and focus for higher-level business and marketing activities.

To truly go above and beyond, our developer also made several custom reports for TASTE staff members to help them better understand their sales and customer behavior.

Websites and web applications are living entities that require continuous attention for peak performance. When a client has an auxiliary need that arises after a website or application has launched, Zurka is ready at the scene with a solution to the new challenge. No matter what the need is, we will rise to the occasion. For more information on our work with TASTE, check out our case study.