News @ Zurka

We’re proud to announce the relaunch of the website for Kings Food Markets. Zurka built an entirely new website for Kings featuring their new brand, enhanced e-commerce functionality and delicious content. And it was all accomplished with the engagement of multiple stakeholders over a short schedule, roughly three months.

Zurka was proud to host the official after party for this year’s php[world] conference at our office in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

Zurka is proud to have relaunched the website. Richard Tiller is a consultant, business coach and the author of several books. He brings a thoughtful and supportive view that enables teams and individuals to thrive.

The website features e-commerce for a paid video series where Mr. Tiller explains how to create a culture of positive influence. It’s a message that resonates with us so we are thrilled to be able to provide our expertise to further his mission. We designed the checkout process so that users can easily and securely access the videos and documents after purchase. The website also features a blog where Mr. Tiller shares additional insight into supporting inspired business cultures.

In anticipation of the 35th Space Symposium, which took place in Colorado Springs, Colorado this April, Zurka worked closely with the communications team at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory to spotlight some of the exciting work of its scientists, engineers and researchers.

With a focus on the lab’s ongoing work to tackle the ever-growing problem of space debris, which may someday pose a threat to future space operations, Zurka’s new microsite takes advantage of the exciting imagery of a world-class institution to tell compelling stories and give visitors a glimpse at the lab’s exciting space research and development.

When doing web application development, we’re often looking to provide users with context in a natural way to make it easy for them to understand and interact with an interface. Context tends to make everything easier to understand. For the latest version of our Art Thief app, we did just the opposite. We brought the interface to the context! What the heck does that mean? Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

With the new year unfolding, Zurka has hit the ground running to increase our already-extensive repertoire of technical skills and now can proudly add augmented reality into the mix. We recently released version 3.0 of our Art Thief app for another one of The Art League's Patrons' Show. Version 3 of this popular iOS app is particularly exciting because it now includes new augmented reality (AR) features. These give users the ability to visualize any event artwork on the walls in their own homes.

This past week, we implemented and launched Build a Gift, a new custom website feature for our client, Balducci’s Food Lover’s Market. Balducci’s was looking to enhance their customers' experience by offering a new product option where they can create their own gift baskets. Instead of only offering prearranged gift baskets, Balducci’s wanted to grant creative liberty to their customers and allow them to arrange their own gift baskets, including selecting the type of vessel and the products themselves.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new e-commerce website for our client, Balducci’s Food Lover’s Market! Our team worked above and beyond to deliver a stunning website matching the sophistication and caliber of the Balducci’s brand. Not only was it fun to work with such an elite client, but the project itself challenged us to build something more robust than the average e-commerce site or content management system.

This summer, Zurka got the exciting opportunity to give back to the Drupal community by hosting a Drupal4Gov Half Day: Drupal Global Training Day at our Tysons Corner headquarters! Drupal4Gov is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting and serving government employees committed to open source technology. Drupal4Gov is also responsible for organizing and hosting the annual three-day conference Drupal GovCon, which is dedicated to connecting people from across the nation who use, design, develop, and support the Drupal platform with a focus in government. Despite the conference's focus on government, there also is typically a heavy representation of attendees from the private sector as well.

On June 21st, the Center for Computational Science at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) earned an “Excellent” score on the Command Cyber Readiness Inspection (CCRI) with key support of our on-site Zurka team. Since 2002, Zurka staff members have provided NRL with web development and more recently IT infrastructure and support expertise. Despite our long-lasting partnership with the lab, this was the first CCRI that Zurka had been involved in, and we delivered with flying colors.