Drupal Global Training Day

This summer, Zurka got the exciting opportunity to give back to the Drupal community by hosting a Drupal4Gov Half Day: Drupal Global Training Day at our Tysons Corner headquarters! Drupal4Gov is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting and serving government employees committed to open source technology. Drupal4Gov is also responsible for organizing and hosting the annual three-day conference Drupal GovCon, which is dedicated to connecting people from across the nation who use, design, develop, and support the Drupal platform with a focus in government. Despite the conference's focus on government, there also is typically a heavy representation of attendees from the private sector as well.

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg presenting at Drupal4Gov Half Day
speaker session at Drupal4Gov Half Day

Our Drupal4Gov Half Day had quite the turnout, with around 50 participants in attendance. During the first half of the event, attendees broke up into groups and sat in on a couple speaker sessions of choice. For the second half of the event, attendees rotated through shorter, lightning sessions. We had a number of great speakers who presented a variety of topics, including content type and taxonomy planning; working with Twig and Docker; and how to establish branding strategies and build trust within the tech industry. For a more detailed breakdown on our various presentations and presenters, please keep reading!

Speaker Sessions:

  1. Keynote by Nneka Hector, Director of Web Development at DSFederal
  2. Intro to Reactjs by Ashraf Abed - Debug Academy
  3. Drupal Accessibility by Cindy McCourt - Promet Source
  4. Devops: Continuous Collaboration with Probo.ci by Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg - Zivtech
  5. Content Type and Taxonomy Planning by Kat Kuhl  - FFW
  6. UX and Accessibility by Samantha Schreiber - FFW
  7. Website Strategy by Alex Emmerman - DSFederal
  8. What’s GDPR and What Can/Should Be Done? by Peter Barclay - Taoti
  9. Twig in the Wild by Jeremy Koulish - Bixal
  10. Getting Hired by Steve Roberson - Zurka Interactive
Drupal4Gov speaker session with Steve Roberson
Drupal4Gov speaker session

Lightning Talks

  1. HopeOneSource Drupal and Volunteering by Maggie Kilbride
  2. H5P Interactive Content by Ted Spencer
  3. Decoupled Drupal: Trend or Fad? by Arash Farazdaghi
  4. Twig by Jeremy Koulish
Drupal4Gov Half Day speaker preparing their presentations
Drupal4Gov Half Day presentation

The event was such a success, and we hope to host similar Drupal training days in the future! For more information on Drupal4Gov, check out upcoming Drupal4Gov events and webinars. And to learn about more Zurka events and happenings, read our other news articles!