The Evolution of Race and Insurance

Zurka recently worked with prior collaborator Graphek and the International Association of Black Actuaries (IABA) to create an interactive website intended to provide a living account of a little-known aspect of the insurance industry - racism in the actuarial profession. The IABA’s mission is to address possible racial bias in their industry by increasing the diversity of insurance professionals.

Built on top of Drupal, a highly customizable content management system that allows for easy expansion, the Evolution of Race and Insurance site was designed as an explorable timeline allowing visitors to peruse the presented information linearly or by jumping around. Going back as early as the 1600s and continuing through current times, the timeline shows the progression from the introduction of the slave trade to the Americas to the remaining racial bias issues in the insurance industry today.

The integration of the information gathered by the IABA into the design developed by Graphek and the resulting website created by Zurka provides an engaging and powerful presentation on an important subject. We are always grateful to work with a group such as IABA who is passionate about the message they want to convey.