Relaunch of Kings Food Markets’ Website

We’re proud to announce the relaunch of the website for Kings Food Markets. Zurka built an entirely new website for Kings featuring their new brand, enhanced e-commerce functionality and delicious content. And it was all accomplished with the engagement of multiple stakeholders over a short schedule, roughly three months.

One thing notable about working with Kings is how representatives from various departments work so well together. Each stakeholder advocates for the needs of their department while understanding the responsibility of their peers to do likewise. In other words, it’s not just that the marketing department cares deeply about the communications to the customer or that representatives from operations wanted to ensure a smooth functionality for those fulfilling orders or that the creative director had a keen eye for detail. What is impressive is how each stakeholder respects the point of view of the other and works together for find a solution to whatever challenge is at hand.

This is the type of collaboration that we promote internally at Zurka. Projects benefit from differing perspectives coming together to find the optimum solution, especially when everyone understands that we all share a common goal but bring differing skills to the table.

The website is based in Drupal. It utilizes Drupal Commerce 2 and custom code for its e-commerce functionality. Particular attention was paid to best practices and going above and beyond PCI compliance.