Zurka Launches New EMpower Website for AFPM

We’re excited to announce the launch of the EMpower website for American Fuel & Petroleum Manufacturers (AFPM). As a leading national trade association, AFPM members comprise virtually all U.S. refining and petrochemical manufacturing industries. AFPM’s members convert oil and natural gas into the gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and petrochemicals that power our modern way of life. Members of AFPM come from industries that support over three million U.S. jobs and add nearly $600 billion each year to the U.S. economy. Not only do they make modern life possible for U.S. citizens, but they also make it attainable.

Having such an extensive reach, AFPM sought to empower its members to bring about public awareness on the massive impact their respective industries have on the everyday lives of Americans. This is why we launched AFPM EMpower: to equip fuel and petrochemical industry employees with sharable facts and information in order to change the narrative for these industries. AFPM has a great story to tell, and with EMpower, association members now can ensure that the public and policymakers truly understand the vitality of our industries to our way of life.

The new AFPM EMpower site has an intentionally narrow focus, solely targeting AFPM members who work in the fuel and petrochemical manufacturing fields. Through vivid imagery and bright theming, the new site has an updated, modern look and feel that stands out against competitor sites. With a straightforward layout and menu, AFPM members can intuitively navigate EMpower and easily share site information with on and offline communities.

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