Zurka Releases Augmented Reality App

With the new year unfolding, Zurka has hit the ground running to increase our already-extensive repertoire of technical skills and now can proudly add augmented reality into the mix. We recently released version 3.0 of our Art Thief app for another one of The Art League's Patrons' Show. Version 3 of this popular iOS app is particularly exciting because it now includes new augmented reality (AR) features. These give users the ability to visualize any event artwork on the walls in their own homes.

To get an in-depth understanding of the app’s new functionality, we’ve put together a short video detailing its new features.

But that’s far from everything that the app has to offer! The above video also demonstrates how Art Thief now uses image detection to show participants the ratings they’ve assigned to various artwork as they physically walk throughout The Art League’s gallery. This augmented reality (AR) experience allows users to update those ratings by tapping virtual stars that are associated with each art piece. It’s not Banksy-level fun with art, but it comes in as a close second.

For the fourth year in a row, Zurka has continued to support the Patrons’ Show through Art Thief. We’re extremely proud of how the app has evolved into a much-loved and integral part of the event. Of course, four years is a drop in the bucket for this annual show and pales in comparison to the 51 years that the show itself has been held. The Patrons’ Show is The Art League’s biggest fundraising event of the year, and it’s hosted annually at the Torpedo Factory Art Center. The Patron’s Show is a fantastic, unique event that is organized by an incredible nonprofit, and we’re honored to continue to be a part of it.

Art Thief 4.0?

With Art Thief 3.0 now out on the market, you may be wondering, “Will there be a 4.0 version?” We hope so, but that’s where you come in. Please feel free to reach out to us to give us any feedback on the app. And, most important of all, don’t forget to rate it on the app store! The more we hear from you on what needs improvement, the better Art Thief will perform. Knowing that people value the app is what fuels further development.

If you have ideas for additional features or enhancements, please let us know. All of the features currently found in the app are courtesy of people who have participated in the Patrons’ Show. For more information on our development process for Art Thief, learn about Version 2.0 in our 2018 our guest blog post for The Art League, or read about Art Thief’s creation story in our 2016 guest blog post. For further details on the history of the app itself, please read our Art Thief case study.