Customer Experience

We produce engaging, intuitive e-commerce experiences, tailored according to each customer base. The initial discovery phase includes a thorough analysis of your customer base and any other stakeholders that are vital to your business’s operations. By assessing your target audience and ideal customer, we are better able to build an e-commerce system that reaches said target audience.

The websites we build are easy to navigate, making content easy to search and find. The UI is thoughtful and designed specifically with the user in mind. Products and all content are well-described, engaging and in line with the company’s brand. The checkout process is both straightforward and intuitive, giving your customers every reason to trust you and the purchasing process.

Operations & Management

Zurka will provide your staff with the tools to successfully manage all components of your e-commerce website, including all system aspects from order fulfillment to the reporting process.

  • Order Fulfillment: We’ll ensure that you have all the back-office tools to manage your orders and ensure a timely and organized delivery process.
  • Product Management: Your team will be able to easily manage the product section and all the associated information such as descriptions, images, options and keywords.
  • Search Engine Optimization: It’s essential that your products are easily found by the people searching for them. Zurka will ensure that all the pages are optimized for discovery and indexing by major search engines such as Google.
  • Conversion Tracking: Conversion tracking can be built into e-commerce websites enabling your team to monitor which ad spends are producing the most value.
  • Reporting: Many reports come standard with each e-commerce website. We can create custom reports when needed to make trends or details easy to identify. These are also useful for fulfillment-related business operations.