Perfect Settings

With an inventory of thousands of products and a client list that includes the biggest and best caterers in the Washington Metropolitan area, the folks at Perfect Settings were looking for innovative ways communicate online.  Their new website allows clients to easily search through all the beautiful things they have to offer.

On top of that, Zurka worked with Perfect Settings to build a tool for generating online mood boards.  This tool allows caterers to create documents that display the various items, colors and styles to their clients.

Style Matters

The Chair Designer application allows people to visualize any of the dozens of chairs available with any of the hundreds of cushions available. The Bar Designer app takes that a step further, allowing users to choose from various sizes of bars and tables, select a counter top and finish off with sides made from wood, stone, or a host of different fabrics.

Apple TV

A caterer can only have so many samples in a showroom but big beautiful images on a expansive TV can bring the whole Perfect Settings catalog to life. Zurka created a custom Apple TV application for Perfect Settings that draws content from the same database the website relies on. Clients or even their customers can have all the power of the website through an app on their TV.