ACC Community Oncology Research Institute

Following Zurka’s development of a web app for the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC), a division of ACCC requested assistance with another new tool on their website.

Searching For Answers

ACCC Community Oncology Research Institute (ACORI) undertook a year-long examination of equity and access to clinical trials in the community and determined that a significant factor involved in the lack of diversity of cancer research trial participants is a lack of standardized information about clinical research. The objective of ACORI’s new tool was to produce a new searchable

Knowledge Unlocked

The resulting website is easy to navigate, and responsive, allowing easy access and usage via mobile devices, improving the ability of cancer patients to obtain treatment and research information in layman’s terms without the need for an actual computer. The glossary can be searched or browsed and there is a link to email to report missing terms. By creating a simple interface, care team members, patients and their caregivers can peruse the terms without need for extensive technical knowledge.