Association of Community Cancer Centers

Coordinating the Best Care Possible

In concert with their membership, the Association for Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) took on the challenge of trying to develop a comprehensive “Best Practices” regarding coordination of care for lung cancer patients. The ACCC identified twelve critical areas of care coordination, each specifically divided into five levels. The project objective was to develop an assessment tool that would help their membership evaluate where their individual standard of care ranked, and areas where they could best improve patient care.

Graphek, the design firm leading the project, brought Zurka on to build out the web-based assessment tool application. We worked with the stakeholders to understand the needs of the project, and created application flow charts, wire frames and screen layouts. This allowed Graphek to create mockups that integrated with their existing graphic design work in support of ACCC. Once approved, we built out the fully functioning assessment application and worked with Graphek on further enhancements and fine-tuning the UX.

Assessing the Outcome

While tackling vital, complex subjects with a myriad of different members, organizations and stakeholders, the final assessment tool is very easy to use and intuitive.

The functionality eases users through the process in order, but also allows the user the flexibility to skip sections and return later. Once the assessment is completed, the member can download a detailed custom report as a PDF which documents the care coordination model, along with guidance on improvement.

We thank Graphek for asking us to partner on this project, allowing us to play a small role in impacting the care and quality of life of thousands of lung cancer patients.