Atlantic International Food Group

The Atlantic International Food Group (AIFG) didn’t have a story that was easy to tell. Their business is complex and not an obvious part of the supply chain to most people. It’s not enough to say that AIFG is a leading specialty importer, distributor and redistributor of non-perishable specialty food and beverage products because, let’s be frank, not a lot of people know what that means, and probably fewer want to learn.

Because of this complexity the project uses animation and graphics to tell the AIFG story in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand. It brings life to the material and creates a compelling narrative around AIFG rather than simply presenting a list of facts.

Zurka worked with an amazing team of partners to bring this vision to reality. YC Media worked with AIFG to define the message, Don Morris Design provided the art direction and Martin Gee created the original animation. Zurka collaborated with these partners to build and launch a website that draws on all the work. The animation is published in its full form with voice-over and music and is reimagined by Zurka as an interactive piece that tells the AIFG story on the home page while a visitor scrolls.