Syngineering Solutions

As an innovative consulting, coaching and training firm, Syngineering Solutions needed their website to communicate their vision for the future of organizational design. It needed to be friendly and accessible while never shying away from the detail and nuance needed to understand complex organizations enough to chart successful paths forward. In many ways, they are an ideal client for Zurka - not only because they brought multiple challenges to the table, both aesthetic and technical in nature, but because they are an agile organization in the largest sense of the term. They are highly skilled in collaboration and communication. They welcomed ideas and feedback from our team and gave us key insights into their vision and the tremendous value they bring to their clients.

Sophisticated yet Friendly

The website Zurka designed and built for Syngineering Solutions uses bright, friendly colors to reflect the upbeat, can-do energy of the company. Combined with the sophisticated and future-focused layouts, the website resonates with the approach Syngineering takes with their clients.

A primary feature of the redesigned website is an online diagnostic tool that allows visitors to the website to explore the state of their organization.  After taking a site visitor through a series of 24 questions grouped into 8 subject areas, the diagnostic calculates a result, provides insights to the user and directs them to the appropriate Syngineering resources. These resources range from less interactive, written self-learning materials to full-service coaching, training and consulting provided by Syngineering’s world-class organizational design experts.