U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Since 2002, Zurka has provided development and support services to the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. This work includes the creation of web-based applications, an intranet platform, public-facing websites, logos, and widgets. Additionally, the Zurka team has provided NRL with IT and cybersecurity support for Windows, Linux and Macintosh systems. While some of our team members work directly on site with our NRL client, others support NRL from our Tysons Corner headquarters. As a world-class research institution, NRL has influenced our desire to balance technological innovation with a pragmatic approach, ensuring that we deliver high-quality products that pertain to the real world.

Web Applications

Over 5,000 individuals make up the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, and nearly all of them use at least one web-based application that Zurka Interactive staff helped build. The applications that we've contributed to power numerous internal processes at NRL. Examples of these processes include the following: online training; research facility management; funding allocation; Common Access Cards (CAC); surveys; reporting; and content management.

IT Support

Zurka staff members manage, secure and support hundreds of systems and users at NRL across various architectures and networks. The team is sharp, hardworking and collaborative. Zurka staffers work closely with researchers who often have unique requirements. The Zurka team works diligently to meet these unique requirements while maintaining the strongest possible security posture.


The Naval Research Lab is full of brilliant scientists, engineers and academics. With our support, Zurka has added design expertise to that mix. We've created the graphic design and user interface for the main NRL website; design for NRL email newsletters; Drupal themes for external and internal websites; and web application UI. Additionally, the Zurka team has been responsible for designing a handful of logos as well as delivering occasional print jobs.

Web Authentication

In collaboration with other members of the NRL team, Zurka created a web-based, single sign-on authentication system for use by web applications at NRL. This system supports multiple forms of authentication and easily integrates with web applications regardless of the language they were built with. The application supports the management of users and groups by individual applications. Groups can be set up manually or defined by criteria associated with users.